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Fall Classic Sign Up Today!! Our reputation is at stake

The Fall Classic is coming up and the time is NOW to register! I just looked at the results from last year and the attendance of Nasti was disappointing. We are the CLUB OF THE YEAR and so this year, let’s SHOW UP!! Here’s the deal: Even if you are a brand new swimmer, OR, a triathlete and not thinking about swimming competition, OR, name your own excuse, this is a great meet to set a benchmark for yourself for the whole short course year! AND because it’s short course meters, it’s also a chance to get a national TOP TEN finish since there are so few short course meter meets during the year!! AND, most important of all, it’s a great chance to hang out with your fellow Nasti’s, have a party after the meet and who knows what can happen?!! (Ask Peggy!!!) It will be a fairly easy task to win this meet IF we get about 50 Nasti swimmers to sign up. Relays are all deck entered so we won’t worry about putting relays together until we see who’s coming but relays are the key to victory!!

SO, go on-line and print off an entry form (either or

Show that famous Nasti spirit and get signed up today!!

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I'm signed up for 10 events. i'll be there!
I am doing the GP series. I did it last year, it was fun!

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